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Writing Lines

HandWritingWhat’s inside the lines
of great love stories?

Never mind the embellishments
to keep people’s attentions;
at the core, in the cracks
between the punctuations
lives the hearts of
writers who lived
what inspired them.

The heart wants
what the heart wants
for reasons
that reason cannot

profoundly states
unreasoned affinity
shared between
ill-suited couples.

I can contribute
a little I think
since I know
a thing or two
about the unrequited
relentlessly enamored

My best line came
when asked
why not hate him
at least
stop loving him.
I had to confess
“I tried; but it’s the only thing
my heart understands
to do to him.”

©2009 Shari Lynne Smothers

Prompt: Write a poem involving lines. This is my poem for Day 14 of the 2009 November PAD Chapbook Challenge.

More Tools to Track Your Writing Progress

In good time for next month’s activities, Jennifer Mattern has released two excellent and versatile progress trackers.

If you need to track words, pages, poems (my other endeavor in November), these are customizable enough to let you post the color and the titles you wish to use.

The other meters I found are over at The Word ‘Mage Blog, my work blog site. Check them all out and see which works best for you. Novel writing word count and the poem count, my giant emoticon counting character; what more could I want?

Whether you call them progress meters or word count trackers,  take advantage of these tools and you’ll covered for November and beyond. Have fun getting ready!

The Poetry Home Repair Manual

The Poetry Home Repair Manual The Poetry Home Repair Manual:
Practical Advice for Beginning Poets

©2005 by Ted Kooser, United States Poet Laureate 2004-2006

Writing poetry is serious work. And the best thing you can do to learn to write poetry, is to write poetry. Other things that you can do to learn include reading poetry, as well as reading about writing poetry. And this book about writing poetry, gave me many insights.

Continue reading The Poetry Home Repair Manual

Every Time I say Good Night

Each time I think I’ve got it,
possible changes jump out to tease me.
I have great hopes for my rhetoric so I
leave it alone to return fresh-eyed.

Mistakes I fix and then
choose different language,
to more precisely deliver
my message and the feelings behind it.

It’s important when I write a thing
to have it say what I meant it to.
So, in editing minutes turn quickly into hours
forty different best words replaced.

Syntax and punctuation
are re-done to shape for you
exactly what you should see and hear
when you read it.

Now for the fifth time or fiftieth
I’m shutting things down
only to find
there’s one more change I should make.

People say perfect is a myth
perfectionism is over-rated.
That may well be and doesn’t matter
since it’s not my goal.

If I can take the time
I just want to be reasonably sure
when you read mine
you’ll see through to me.

©2009 by Shari Lynne Smothers

Courage to Join the Club

Reading poems
makes me want to
write my own.
Writing them
makes me want to
read from more poets.

It’s a self-sustaining
cycle that could easily
consume me.
I know this because
I’ve let it loose in me
from time to time.

Beautiful timeless verses
of Audre Lorde in
A Litany for Survival;
The insightful, hopeful
message from Alice Walker imparted by
The Same as Gold.

They, the poets and their verses,
inspire in me this intense
longing to share
in their artists’ collective
with my own verses like Broke.
Still, I hesitate.

Through years of exploring poets
contemporary and long dead
I’ve vacillated between
wanting to participate
and keeping hid the way I can fall far short.

wins often
until my verses shout to me
demanding to be shared,
and here is one place I let them out.

These words that demand the chance
to have an audience
don’t ask for or require
safety. So I make the effort
to meet their bravery
and stand by them and listen
to what any might want to say
mostly because I have no choice.

©2009 by Shari Lynne Smothers

Tomorrow, In Review


Much time I spend
spinning my thoughts
around tomorrow and tomorrow
making the effort
to have better experiences
when I get to it as a today.

Yesterday is done
well closed out
seeing holes where I fell,
places I can shore up
to make my walk steadier.

Much of what I skipped
was in my personal work.
As always
I see my dreams were left for last.
So long lain dormant
and yet
they didn’t wax and wane.
Instead they began
shouting to me
demanding their time.

Today, three days into
Two Thousand Nine,
I’m working diligently
to give voice and breath
to the dreams that insist
on being made manifest.

What I’ve done
is yield to what calls me.
I write and post
to blog and website
recording verses and thoughts.

It is a joyous time,
that fosters in me
hope that I can continue
to enjoy myself and find income
in this activity that makes me happy.

©2009 by Shari Lynne Smothers