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Save Sorry for Later

So much anger and
hostility blocking clear
thoughts, suffocate creativity.

Ill-fitting ideas
rend us asunder
making life uncomfortable.

We try muddling through
feigning normalcy only
we’re really screwed up.

Bitter little things
fester and are added to with
actions emboldened by

others’ acts that seem
comparatively worse and
somehow lessen their own.

Acting out, abusing
power not really their own.
Unswervingly grasping

for something big to regret later.

© 2010 Shari Lynne Smothers

In My Dreams

In my favorite dreams
there is promise
of a great future
that could be ours now
if only those most completely indoctrinated
would let go of the hatred,
the seething, contemptuous loathing
for people of different ilk and ideology.

In my clearest dreams,
can get loud
but never solicit
violence, murder of children
through slanderous provocative
reminiscent of
    —you remember

or vandalizing buildings
terrorizing men and women
and by relation their children,
all because they didn’t
agree with their opposition.

Today I’m grateful for the haters,
though their vile words are
shouted loudest and from every venue,
from high places, bombed down
on the heads of the innocent;
from below, seeping up and infecting
all who are touched by it;

I’m grateful that, in my worst dreams
just like in my reality
they are in the minority.

© 2010 Shari Lynne Smothers

Every day there’s something disgusting making the news. I’m bombarded with the images that my imagination contrives, based on the vile and scary things I’ve heard discussed. This post is another shaped, in part, by the news. I write it in hopes that I can one day wrap my mind around certain actions.