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I Had a Great Time in the 2008 Grammy’s Home Audience

I don’t generally watch the Grammy Awards show, not without flipping channels a lot. But for some reason, it appealed to me this year. From the beginning, I was entertained. Alicia Keys’ opening with Frank Sinatra was great. Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli were fantastic. Several times throughout this 50th Grammy Awards show, I caught my breath. The tribute to the Beatles ending with “Let it Be” was truly moving. Aretha Franklin and BeBe Winans, Beyonce and Tina Turner were so energized.

Still, the performance without peer for me was “Rhapsody in Blue” performed by stellar musicians. The piano performances of Lang Lang and Herbie Hancock…I have no words even today more than 24 hours later. Each time I hear that song performed well, it takes me to another place.

The blend of the old and new was masterfully choreographed. I was delighted to see Patty Austin and so many others in the audience. The footage of the honorees is always fun. It would have been great for me if they’d showed more footage of Max Roach. I’ll be hanging out on YouTube until I’m content.

Max Roach, 1924-2007

Max Roach on YouTube

I’m not sure I follow the mass appeal of “Rehab,” but hell, I’m old.

It was a great night for me right here at home. From talking with friends and family, I’m not the only one who enjoyed it. None of us was happy with everything, but we enjoyed most of it. I figured it had to be good if it kept my attention.