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Asking, prodding, pushing,
piling on more and more,
all as if to see
just how much I can bear
headed toward some huge goal.

It all becomes noise
unclear, indistinguishable
as I pull away to work away
and then regroup
at my own pace.

These days, I accept the usual
recurrence of noise readily.
It is now my herald that
a deadline is almost reached,
and subsequent vacation time is upon me.

© 2014 Shari Lynne Smothers

Day 9

All of a sudden
I understand
the sweet sick feeling
that’s been welling up
from the pit of my stomach.

At the back end
of each joy and delight
that passed through me
while in my hometown
was a sick
curly cue punctuating
experiences with—

In my quiet last night
I understand
it’s the downturn
of the roller coaster ride.

In all the excitement
of remembrances
we were creating in great detail
they included
the unplanned part that insured
I would miss home.

later today, I drive back to Houston
with the fun times dancing
in my spirit and the
aftertaste of melancholy
over all I leave behind in New Orleans.

©2009 by Shari Lynne Smothers

Day 7

The joy seeps in
through the cracks
of laughs during dinner,
and at the movies,
on the way to any

Quiet delight
sways smoothly
in my head
while I’m working
at my computer

because I’m not at home
but in the home
of old friends and family.

The casino is fun
because I’m with friends
laughing at the sinister looks
drawn into the characters
on the machines.
Ratting around
shopping for speakers
falling asleep on a sofa not mine
seeing my friends’ moms
are still in good health
more food, gumbo, greens and cake too.

All make me grin inside
as I cherish and file them
in the made memories
for later days
I’ll spend apart from
my family and friends.

©2009 by Shari Lynne Smothers