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Savoring Spring

Springtime sunshine
lights a cool breeze.
Gentle airs embrace
first blossoms, paint
landscapes awake out of
winter’s dormancy
Temperate days and cool nights
invite me to stay forever
in every small moment
I enter.
Each one that receives me
I never want to leave it
even to enter the next.
This bittersweet dance continues
until one day
there is no more coolness
and what comes next
is the vicious
attack of Summer’s heat.

© 2016 by Shari Lynne Smothers

Poem #9 for National Poetry Month. I had to do a picture about my favorite season. I picked Spring, but Fall is lovely too as they have different attractive characteristics. The selling point that keeps me with each of them, is the temperate weather.

What Will Come

August breeze blows into me,
delivering first respite
from sweltering deep south heat
that kept my skin cooking
even standing still.

    A short step
into newly temperate air
inspires quiet ideas
brimming with potential
    tugging at my attentions.
Brings forth a soft smile
in anticipation of
nothing concrete
only tangible
    as possibility can be.
Causes just the slightest
quiver in my stomach —
imagination tinged with a promise
that what will come —
    it’s gonna be good.

    I welcome the
    august breeze blowing in to me.

© Shari Lynne Smothers 9/12/12


In preparing for my time off from work, I am going back in my journals to pull poems I like. Rather than wait until Day 1 of my Christmas holiday vacation, I’m kicking things off a week early.

Summer to Fall in New Orleans is a great time, and very special for me. The first break from the 90s to 100s is a magical renewing gift. This poem is one that blew off the branch to land on my page.

Normal Time

Winter exhaled fully from deep
in his belly. Shared almost the full breadth
of havoc he knew with
freezing temperatures, blinding snow
and ice slicked roads—
then witness
all the people’s and earth’s actions in response.

I move through my days in slow motion
defrosting with cold’s departure.
Sloughing off my last stuffy nose morning
as Winter makes his quick exit,
for Spring to present herself through
more temperate, accommodating weather.

Out from under my blankets
where Winter had forced me,
awake without his icy tendrils
inside my head, slowing my thoughts,
pulling me out of normal time
as audience to all his regalements,
I thaw. I begin to move easier
think faster, behave more congruously
with warmer days that now greet me.

Through Spring, Summer and Fall,
I will continue more fluidly,
flashing only the occasional cold memory of Winter
until his eminent welcome return in December.

© 2011 Shari Lynne Smothers

This post is part of my #SHINEonline challenge commitment for 2 posts weekly; 1 of 2 for the 8th week.

Check out the #SHINEonline paper.li linked at the top of my far right sidebar.

I took some time off to get into some other things. It took getting hung up on a title, (something that never stops me), to pull me away to other projects. It was fun times away. Though now I’m back with a vengeance. I have some posts to make up for—4 for 2 weeks missed. I look forward to challenging myself.

It will also be a bit of a practice in case I decide to participate in a daily poem project next month.