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We are again
Hurt, disappointment
wound shy of
the deep dermis of us.
It was me
hoping it would die.
Guppy on dry counter
flailing, gulping at
water not there.

It floundered
til I found I
couldn’t stand it
put it back in water.

So here we are, you
swimming in oblivion
to your almost demise, me
looking in, feeding


© 2011 Shari Lynne Smothers

#2 for day 2 of National Poetry Month. I thought about titling this poem, IT IS WHAT IT IS, but that’s way overworked. MELANCHOLY was sadder than the poem felt or was meant to be. LACKLUSTER seemed to cover what I intended. You may not hear it, but for me lackluster seemed to draw in and accentuate the irony, like ‘just friends.’ You know, because there’s really nothing just about true friends, right?

If I choose to revisit this, to revise it, the title will likely be one of the first things I look at. Among other poetical aspects, titles will likely always give me pause.