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We are again
Hurt, disappointment
wound shy of
the deep dermis of us.
It was me
hoping it would die.
Guppy on dry counter
flailing, gulping at
water not there.

It floundered
til I found I
couldn’t stand it
put it back in water.

So here we are, you
swimming in oblivion
to your almost demise, me
looking in, feeding


© 2011 Shari Lynne Smothers

#2 for day 2 of National Poetry Month. I thought about titling this poem, IT IS WHAT IT IS, but that’s way overworked. MELANCHOLY was sadder than the poem felt or was meant to be. LACKLUSTER seemed to cover what I intended. You may not hear it, but for me lackluster seemed to draw in and accentuate the irony, like ‘just friends.’ You know, because there’s really nothing just about true friends, right?

If I choose to revisit this, to revise it, the title will likely be one of the first things I look at. Among other poetical aspects, titles will likely always give me pause.


Seeing clear
lines that shape
my life
all around me,
I reach out
can almost touch,
engage the fabric
solid and detailed.

Suddenly it
becomes something
altogether else.

Almost too shocked
to look away
too enthralled to
pull back,
I manage
to not connect and
turn away to
a new direction.

Trying again to know
all that’s around through me
I reach out again
in faith and trust
hoping to connect
before next dissolution
even if only
for a little while.

© 2011 Shari Lynne Smothers

My #1 NaPoWriMo poem. I wrote it yesterday but got busy and never came back to finish and post. Good thing there’s no pressure 🙂

It’s been a While

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, with good reason. Been real busy. I’m excited, though, about April! I’ve got great plans for National Poetry Month in 2011! I’m not signing up to follow any NaPoWriMo prompt activities.

That’s the ‘great’ plan? Yes! Yes it is.

There is so much going on in my life right now until it’s all I can do really to keep up with myself. Daily adventures in work search have me greatly distracted, to say the least. That doesn’t mean I won’t be poeming. Quite the contrary. I’ve decided to try it with a relaxed feel again. No pressure to get a poem written daily to a published prompt.

I signed Up

As for sharing somewhere other than on my site, I’m again signed up with NaPoWriMo.net. By the way, the site has a whole new look, which is also exciting.

As well, I’ll be tooling around the web to read the poetry of my cyber friends that I follow and new ones I learn of, through NaPoWriMo.net and other places I happen upon. I hope to see you guys around.

Writing Through

In one long inhale
since last I wrote here,
I breathed in
the girth of my more
uncomfortable trials.
Now, facing the madness of April,
poetry and other activities,
will I pilfer the marrow
for all fodder
in the delight and challenge
I anticipate encountering,
to exhale here
throughout National Poetry Month.

© 2011 Shari Lynne Smothers

Normal Time

Winter exhaled fully from deep
in his belly. Shared almost the full breadth
of havoc he knew with
freezing temperatures, blinding snow
and ice slicked roads—
then witness
all the people’s and earth’s actions in response.

I move through my days in slow motion
defrosting with cold’s departure.
Sloughing off my last stuffy nose morning
as Winter makes his quick exit,
for Spring to present herself through
more temperate, accommodating weather.

Out from under my blankets
where Winter had forced me,
awake without his icy tendrils
inside my head, slowing my thoughts,
pulling me out of normal time
as audience to all his regalements,
I thaw. I begin to move easier
think faster, behave more congruously
with warmer days that now greet me.

Through Spring, Summer and Fall,
I will continue more fluidly,
flashing only the occasional cold memory of Winter
until his eminent welcome return in December.

© 2011 Shari Lynne Smothers

This post is part of my #SHINEonline challenge commitment for 2 posts weekly; 1 of 2 for the 8th week.

Check out the #SHINEonline paper.li linked at the top of my far right sidebar.

I took some time off to get into some other things. It took getting hung up on a title, (something that never stops me), to pull me away to other projects. It was fun times away. Though now I’m back with a vengeance. I have some posts to make up for—4 for 2 weeks missed. I look forward to challenging myself.

It will also be a bit of a practice in case I decide to participate in a daily poem project next month.

Sunday Morning Chronicle Entry 2.13.2011

It’s not About Me, Is It?

This morning I went out
to get Saturday’s mail
and I saw again the brown dove,
the bird on the balcony.
Today though he perched
at the end furthest from me.

Since I have not eyes
trained for bird differences,
I had to wonder if it was
the bird on the balcony.
Or a new one sent with
the same message for me.

Either way, here we were.
And as I made my way
toward it, toward the stairs
to my mailbox, in the crisp morning air

I thought about the time of year
the beauty in the fabric of the day
how Punxsutawney Phil’s failure to see
his shadow was likely on the money.

I got my mail—another bill
and turned ‘round toward the stairs
for my short, thoughtful journey back,
all the while trying to decide
what was the bird on the balcony’s
message to me.

Or, if it was just a bird on the balcony
who had no message—no knowledge of me.

© 2011 Shari Lynne Smothers

This post is part of my #SHINEonline challenge commitment for 2 posts weekly; 2 of 2 for the 5th week.

Check out the #SHINEonline paper.li linked at the top of my far right sidebar.