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What Will Come

August breeze blows into me,
delivering first respite
from sweltering deep south heat
that kept my skin cooking
even standing still.

    A short step
into newly temperate air
inspires quiet ideas
brimming with potential
    tugging at my attentions.
Brings forth a soft smile
in anticipation of
nothing concrete
only tangible
    as possibility can be.
Causes just the slightest
quiver in my stomach —
imagination tinged with a promise
that what will come —
    it’s gonna be good.

    I welcome the
    august breeze blowing in to me.

© Shari Lynne Smothers 9/12/12


In preparing for my time off from work, I am going back in my journals to pull poems I like. Rather than wait until Day 1 of my Christmas holiday vacation, I’m kicking things off a week early.

Summer to Fall in New Orleans is a great time, and very special for me. The first break from the 90s to 100s is a magical renewing gift. This poem is one that blew off the branch to land on my page.

The Field Trip

One day I brought my nephew
to see the ducks that soothed me
when I was able to break up
my work days with them.
A precocious boy of three or four,
he declared during his energetic effort to
keep up with them, running happily
as the ducks swam deftly, indifferently,
“Is this all, because
this really isn’t that fun.”

I smiled to hear the words
contradicted by his racing back and forth
belting out Oh’s and Look!s
at the slightest indication they were
interacting with him.
He was appreciating my field trip
through his gleeful activity, even though
his words made me know he didn’t yet
recognize the power nature
has to enthrall him.

I had done a good thing after all.

© 2012 Shari Lynne Smothers

Desperate Actions

Feeling cut throat
desperate to care for me
angry at my inability.
No more time
to hear others
say be patient.
I’m jockeying for
better position
without even knowing
which way is forward.

Re-engaging faith
disconnecting me
I seek the Greater’s
counsel and authority.

Soon, my actions
don’t feel so desperate
to me, and in fact
gel with
the big picture nicely.

Movement after prolonged inaction
can often seem revolutionary
instead of simply
about time.

© 2012 Shari Lynne Smothers

Shut Up In My Bones

Embers smoldering
steadily, quiet
seemingly under control,
ever present
never a time without.

Today, gentle winds
from west, south
north, east and middling angles
fan embers to flame.
Today I am not still,
almost of control
not my own.

Today I die to my
Self burned away as
fire shut up in my bones
flames free
igniting change.

I am tasked only
to keep up and away
from waters that
threaten to subdue
shy of a
metamorphosis complete.

Life has a way of informing
when change is at hand.

© 2012 Shari Lynne Smothers


Back Story: Several things have worked on my nerves lately, captured my interest forcing me to contemplate things I had heretofore ignored peacefully. As I think things through and work it out in my journal, these ideas and images coalesced into the words above.

Puffed Up

as basic civility
negates the need for
a subservient posture.

It’s not
my arrogance
that keeps me from
it’s your own that
has you seeking
to be thusly venerated
my fully proper regard
already shown you.

©2012 Shari Lynne Smothers

Back story: I had an experience like no other recently. I thought I was arrogant, but this person was a doozy. No reason to behave as such, and I certainly wasn’t going to get on his level. So I hung it out in my journal. This is the extraneous fall-out as work through understanding the whole exchange.

In My Head

I’m driving along
toward my destination
planned days in advance.
Considering what I would
do for lunch the next day
since dinner was squared away.
Bud’s Broiler hasn’t seen me
in a while. I wonder
if they still remember me.

A quick glance at the
gauge, I don’t have to
get gas before the week’s out.

Not that it matters for lunch
Bud’s is across the street.

Suddenly something jarred me
out of my head!
It took moments
to realize
it was fat raindrops
slapping my car
my windshield straight on
making me feel each
of the first ones’ impacts
as I drove into the blinding downpour
as if they were contacting me personally.

It only startled me
because, I realized,
I was almost fully
driving automatically,
out of regular time
in my own world
apart from
tangible externalities.

Though a little unsettling
likely because of the circumstance,
it was a happy observation
to be reminded
I had that place in my head
and could get there any time, anywhere.

©2012 Shari Lynne Smothers