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UnCivil Disobedience

Toxic poisons of
sixties-like wanton anger
and visceral hatred

my heavy heart bears
witness to people who call
for vandalism—



Some of them have claimed
these acts are protected under
civil disobedience.


Not only do they
not know how to behave in
political settings,

they apparently
can subvert words, disguising
their actions and intent.

Oddly, they and some
followers are the only
people buying it.

© 2010 Shari Lynne Smothers

We The People Said Yes Please, and Thank You

I wrote this in February, before the unfortunate folly that was Bobby Jindal’s response to the President’s address, before the R-leader bowed to the radio personality, before a man got air time and said the words “…The people want bipartisan leadership; they may not know what that means…” and on. Let’s just say that since I wrote this, the hits just keep on coming.

Let’s Play a Game

What if I told you that I wanted to be friends? You agree, and after chatting we find that we like board games. A group of my friends play once a month and next get-together is to play Monopoly.

You agreed to come to play. However, between the time you agreed and the play date, your friends tell you that its’ really stupid. They tell you to insist on shooting games. Whether you agree or not, you decide to do what your friends say because…

You like Monopoly, that’s not the problem. You’ve just thought better of your agreement after distilling it through the filter that is your other friends.

So, when you bring this gun play idea to us, the Monopoly group, we refuse to play. We don’t want to play with guns and never did. Because we stand our ground you put forth the idea that we’re not playing fair. You leave the group, never playing Monopoly as you initially agreed, and thinking very poorly of us.
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Hope–What a Concept!

Yes We Can

Obama 2008

Isn’t hope the foundation from which we all move forward no matter what we’re undertaking?

It never occurred to me that anyone could find it effective to take a hardline stance against HOPE. What makes a person run for office if not hope? What makes a citizen vote if not hope? Explain to me again what is the matter with fostering, encouraging, pronouncing the good in hope. . . I must be slow. . . or, it must just be Hillary!