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2009 First Snow 12/4/09

First Snow

Mom watching the Snow
Originally uploaded by ShariLS

This year the snow came early and it fell in abundance. It makes me feel hopeful about EVERYTHING!

As soon as I heard it was snowing, I was ecstatic! It doesn’t snow often here in Missouri City, Texas. And this is really early in the year for it too. I captured some really nice shots that I’ll be uploading to my Flickr account over the next few days.

Where the Inspiration led Me

It made me think of the possibilities of all that I want to accomplish in the coming year. I was inspired to increase my probabilities of success, just because it makes sense today. I want to start out aggressively. That way if I taper off (as I usually do) I should have moved forward quickly enough to be able to coast a bit.

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Failure to Plan

When I first saw them
this morning,
they frantically flitted
trying to escape the
grasp of the branches.

Seemed like they were
flagging down
high flying birds
to rescue them.

I wondered if they regretted
having cleverly
escaped the hands
of a happy child;
if they thought
in their group of three
they stood a better
chance in the wild.

Probably thought
they’d get far enough
to become space debris.
With clouds high
skies clear
probably they thought
what could be
their obstacles.

Can’t go back inside
they can’t go further
and it looks like no one’s
coming to get them.

©2009 by Shari Lynne Smothers