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Day 24: Ideal Writing Spaces

It may be that in
the kitchen between
stirring pots, I’m switched on,
clear, open to the
alternate perspective of
slow rolling bubbles in
a very garlicky tomato sauce,
along with the heady imagery
that aroma engages.

It may be, on the
random stairwell landing
I’m attuned to an
imagined soul bereft of
all hope, who took
the ultimate leap.
Only to realize too far out
and below the rail, that
things really could get better
especially now you see, it’s
too short a fall to end it all,
and easily to long not to break.

It may be that in a dark room
lights erased by bad weather
the howling gale force winds
dictate and I must put pen to paper
by dim flashlight
to record the words coming to me.

You may think these are not
all great writing spaces,
but I’ve come to know
the powers that be
are much brighter than me
and knew all along
it never matters.

I could be on a bus
with a pen and an empty hand,
only skin to capture fodder
and that would become
an ideal writing space. I learned
it never does matter
where and when I am.
What sets the location is
the Self I bring to the table,
since the perfect
writing spaces are in me
and rely on my mind
to create them,
to call them into existence.

© 2010 Shari Lynne Smothers

Day 24 prompt: Write a ‘spaces’ poem; details here from 2010 November PAD Chapbook Challenge