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Participation is a Growth Opportunity

National Poetry Month, 2008, 2009 Unofficial
Poem a Day Chapbook Challenge, November 2009 Official
National Novel Writing Month, 2009 Official

Attractions to Group Projects

Officially and unofficially, I’ve participated in these and other writing projects. They can be really intense. And I was thinking about why I elect to participate. It’s rarely just because I get bored.


  • Pushing myself beyond my suspected limits makes me think I’m not lazy
  • It makes me know that I can reach beyond my comfort zone
  • It affords me the opportunity to be part of a variety of projects
  • It’s exciting both to participate and to complete


  • I learn of many new writers that I might not otherwise find
  • One common interest brings people together to learn about each other
  • Participants share resources that may be new to me
  • Participants may actually become a resource
  • There’s the chance to share something that others may find useful

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