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Tomorrow, In Review


Much time I spend
spinning my thoughts
around tomorrow and tomorrow
making the effort
to have better experiences
when I get to it as a today.

Yesterday is done
well closed out
seeing holes where I fell,
places I can shore up
to make my walk steadier.

Much of what I skipped
was in my personal work.
As always
I see my dreams were left for last.
So long lain dormant
and yet
they didn’t wax and wane.
Instead they began
shouting to me
demanding their time.

Today, three days into
Two Thousand Nine,
I’m working diligently
to give voice and breath
to the dreams that insist
on being made manifest.

What I’ve done
is yield to what calls me.
I write and post
to blog and website
recording verses and thoughts.

It is a joyous time,
that fosters in me
hope that I can continue
to enjoy myself and find income
in this activity that makes me happy.

©2009 by Shari Lynne Smothers