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Sound Decision

Somewhere we lose sensitivity to loud music
or someone says it’s time to get over it.
At parties in high school the DJ blares music
as if the goal is to sabotage your game.

No way can you hear
the person your dancing with
so no point in trying to
talk inside the room.

Or maybe that’s the point,
to get you outside alone
together under the pretext
you’ve important things to say.

But then, stepping outside
finds you among other couples
with equally important things
to share with each other.

Oddly the silence is so loud
until your every breath shatters it,
carried out to others around
and your words thunder toward them.

The sonorous crossroads present
the choices between the decibels topping
well over one hundred forty
or the resounding silence
that resonates every word, every sound.

And as you stand outside
gazing in your date’s eyes
you’re serenaded by the sounds
of kissing so loudly in the bloody silence
until you blush with embarrassment.

Finally it’s nearing midnight.
The couples separate their lips and bodies,
trickle back inside, teasing and cavorting
in raucous self-congratulations.

Your parents will arrive soon
to collect you. And so you’re spared
the dramatic decision of where to be.
Dad says be waiting for me;
that has to mean outside.

If you’re going to say anything,
you better make it quick.

No. There will be time enough to say stuff,
better occasions with no noises sabotaging
when you can be assured only
the ears meant for your message can hear it.

©2009 Shari Lynne Smothers

Prompt: Write a poem filled with noise. Day 23 of the 2009 November PAD Chapbook Challenge, at Poetry Asides with Robert Lee Brewer