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How Long?

It’s the question I have just now.
How long before crazy
starts to show on my face
spawned of the stress of life
un- and under-employment,
words said in poetic verse
to the universe with no one
interested to hear or read once?

Months of intermittent sleepless nights
start to betray me in my speech,
filled with disconnected thoughts and
what looks like nodding off in mid-sentence
is already my lot.

So, I just need to know when will it show
in my face and my actions
for all to look and see, possibly even
staring and laughing at me?
And one more: if this should show up on me,
will people tell me or just let me be,
looking all crazy and everything?

© 2010 Shari Lynne Smothers

Process Note: I remember a song that talked about the way you feel showing on your face. I thought about some of the faces I see and the stories that lie behind their eyes. And I wondered when it is that we become so readable to others. And another thought for future writing: what is it that transforms thoughts, feelings and experiences into the stuff that makes up our physical appearance.

Hope for Plain Sailing

Relationships and occupations
death in the family
and other amputations
weddings and grocery shopping.
Life offers up bumps and twists
at every stage we travel through.
Racism, sexism,
just I-don’t-want-to-know-you.
Chest pain, stomach ache, swine flu,
and better and worse are the
land mines we negotiate trying
to keep our souls in tact.

Endings, standings,
delivering come-uppings,
births and christenings.
Finding acceptance.
Hugging a bigot or keeping your distance.
Successful surgeries, bed rest
meditation and medications
that pull us from the edge
bringing us back for more of this.

It’s all part of the journey.
To each of us our portions of
crazy and volatile with
a measure of calm mixed in.
Plain sailing then is
a matter of perception
and depends on
what gumption we bring
to each situation.

© 2010 Shari Lynne Smothers

This poem is for the napowrimo prompt #24, find a phrase Visit the post to see the details of this prompt. “Plain sailing” caught and kept my attention.


Everywhere I look
I see the poetry
life offers up
for the open heart
to enjoy.

And I do.

Cotton blossom scent
of my favorite candle,
humorously outrageous
contorted faces
reacting to the very opposite
malodorous skunk aroma.
Waving leaves on trees
on an otherwise still day
give the strong impression
I’m watching them growing.

Even the gentle flurry
of the curtain rolling over
the soft breeze
through the open window
makes my mind smile.

All the soft, pretty, pleasant,
quiet sides of being alive
can cocoon me
and I get rejuvenated,
apart from the draining
aspects of my days.

© 2010 Shari Lynne Smothers

In My Dreams

In my favorite dreams
there is promise
of a great future
that could be ours now
if only those most completely indoctrinated
would let go of the hatred,
the seething, contemptuous loathing
for people of different ilk and ideology.

In my clearest dreams,
can get loud
but never solicit
violence, murder of children
through slanderous provocative
reminiscent of
    —you remember

or vandalizing buildings
terrorizing men and women
and by relation their children,
all because they didn’t
agree with their opposition.

Today I’m grateful for the haters,
though their vile words are
shouted loudest and from every venue,
from high places, bombed down
on the heads of the innocent;
from below, seeping up and infecting
all who are touched by it;

I’m grateful that, in my worst dreams
just like in my reality
they are in the minority.

© 2010 Shari Lynne Smothers

Every day there’s something disgusting making the news. I’m bombarded with the images that my imagination contrives, based on the vile and scary things I’ve heard discussed. This post is another shaped, in part, by the news. I write it in hopes that I can one day wrap my mind around certain actions.

Tastes like Paper

Clearing my throat to say
what’s on my mind,
with a big broom
I pushed away from the tip of my tongue
the frustration of the day’s news
today’s job search results,
update that my niece is still sick.

I dismissed calls to DO NOT CALL
to register the family phones.
Nothing to say about tweeting
reading or posts I worked on.
Meals were just food to eat
with nothing fun to drink.

Dishes washed late last night
I put away before writing.
Washed the others throughout the day,
saved them all but the one
I drank from and returned
to my desk to write something great.

But, nothing surfaced as something tasty.

© 2010 Shari Lynne Smothers

Will it Go Round?

There was this sign
so high up and
in constant motion.
I felt I should
but I never slowed to
try to read it.

Then one day a heavy storm blew it down
and finally I could see its message:

Will it go round in circles? Will it fly high like a bird up in the sky?

So then I considered the full
lyrics of the song
because surely
that’s what it was telling me to do.
And I wondered
What the hell does that mean?
It wasn’t until I got to
the dancing part
that I thought I could
follow a train of thought:

I’ve got a dance, I ain’t got no steps. I’m gonna let the music move me around.

It wasn’t long
before I took from it
what I needed:
Yes, I can definitely get with
going with the flow.

© 2010 Shari Lynne Smothers

From the lyrics of “Will it Go Round” by Billy Preston
Will it go round in circles? Will it fly high like a bird up in the sky?
I’ve got a dance, I ain’t got no steps. I’m gonna let the music move me around.