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Taking Liberty

All good things to those
who reach for them;
I feel certain that’s
the lesson I’m being taught.
In the face of setbacks
and before brick walls,
I move forward,
scaling them
when I don’t need to
knock them down.
It feels affirming.

Reaching out for all
within my grasp
and then beyond that,
trading on the promise
of at least a chance
at success on my own terms.
I’m loving my current
opportunity to finally be
fully self-directing.

© 2016 by Shari Lynne Smothers

Poem #5 for National Poetry Month. This is the poem for yesterday. I wasn’t going to write it, letting the TWW poem stand for both things. But, I thought better of it. It seems, there are many things on my mind I think lithely enough about to versify.

Puffed Up

as basic civility
negates the need for
a subservient posture.

It’s not
my arrogance
that keeps me from
it’s your own that
has you seeking
to be thusly venerated
my fully proper regard
already shown you.

©2012 Shari Lynne Smothers

Back story: I had an experience like no other recently. I thought I was arrogant, but this person was a doozy. No reason to behave as such, and I certainly wasn’t going to get on his level. So I hung it out in my journal. This is the extraneous fall-out as work through understanding the whole exchange.


All the world is
far removed from me
much as I
want to touch it.
Vicariously only
can I engage just now,
from my hovel
through my window
into cyberspace.
I see what people
want to show
of the lives they lead.
Who’s killing, loving,
having a
Chernobyl meltdown;
mentally challenged brothers
get the book
thrown at them
while great villains,
not so much.
Political strife,
economic difficulty
moral bankruptcy
foreign governments
posture to save face.

Short of everything
and still properly sated,
I return
to myself disconnected
as the muck of the world
sloughs off me
settles to the floor
where I can sift through
to find
my poetical fodder.

© 2011 Shari Lynne Smothers

All in It

I only hear a whisper
compelling me to
listen closer
so I can
write the words sent me.

Times when
the sun shines brightly
lighting the full breadth
of a cool spring day,
and my heart
still swells and drags
under the weight
of my burdens.

Today the words say,
As does the brightest day’s
shimmering glow
pass into night,
so should you
own your heavy time.
Respect the burden
and know
its season comes to
relatively naught
but a day.

© 2010 Shari Lynne Smothers