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Joy, Still

Have all my happy songs
been writ and sung?
Nothing new, green and freshly budding
to be found? I don’t think so.

I can’t even pretend it
when joy comes fluttering up
out of nowhere, to spark in me
soul smiles I can’t hide.
Appreciation for all
I was brought through,
the lives that guided me.
The reasons ethereal and God set
that I can string words,
paint pretty pictures,
share in joys in others’ lives.

I still can pull
a joyful verse from the guff.
And whatever the impetus,
it makes me happy
just to be able
to say a little ditty
on a happy state of anything.

© 2016 by Shari Lynne Smothers

Poem #16 for 2016 National Poetry Month. It was time for a happy one, I guess. I just record them as they come. And tonight, it seems I was thinking on how I’m grateful for my journey.

Infectious Joy

Exceeding joy presents, for
no particular reason
than seeing a new sunrise.

Walking out heading
to the library, to the store,
even just to the mailbox;
it starts
as a tickle in my tummy,
incites a wide grin.
It creeps upwards.
My eyes almost close
in chorus with
the other happy signs.

I even feel my ears
move my glasses
as my whole head is
affected in happy
joyful resonance
rolling in from
nowhere in particular.

And I feel warm
—and good.

© 2010 Shari Lynne Smothers

I Knew

I’ll never forget the day—

After doctor visits
just me and him or with other family
in hospitals and waiting rooms,
examinations, procedures, and treatments
hours spent in fruitless and unavoidable worry,
we finally got the doctor’s
last words on the matter;

Whatever they decided to do
whatever dad accepted to be put through
he didn’t have much time to be here with us,
they were sure they couldn’t fix him.

My life moving on felt like
a betrayal to dad who’s life was coming to a close
and everything was heavier.
Still, I continued doing what I knew I had to
placing everything I could on my automatic list,
with breathing and swallowing
because everything I thought to do
became easier to just skip it.

And then one shimmering
breezy September afternoon,
I was driving alone when I laughed aloud
and had to admit it—
I can’t recall the song, joke
or thought that brought me to it,

but that was the day I knew
that even through my profound grief
over the impending loss of my father,
in my soul I would eventually know joy again.

©2009 Shari Lynne Smothers

Prompt: Write a poem about a memorable person or event. Day 30 of the 2009 November PAD Chapbook Challenge, from Poetic Asides.