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Day 18: Lost & Found Poem

You are so lovely in spirit
in appearance and deed.
Is it any wonder I lost myself
in your loving countenance?

My thoughts become iterations
of your insights I ingested
just being in your presence.
No need and no knowledge
have I of where you end and
I really begin.

It never dawned fully in me
that this was the wrong way to be.
Nothing stirred above a low hum
that you and I could be a more rounded we,
that embracing our individuality
would bring a closer, fuller, us.

As time went by we spent less time
being inseparable at home and out.
I learned to be without you and to
hear my own opinions and inclinations.

My interesting discovery upon
receiving my Self in full intelligence
was that I brought much more to us
as a complete me with my own
insights, reflections and choices.

I’ve found, it seems, the more delightful we
that rejoices and revels in a collection
of thoughts instead of a collective mind
that endeavors to move sluggishly forward in
the unnatural cadence of two inclompletes
laboring to move as one.

© 2010 Shari Lynne Smothers

Day 18 prompt: Write a ‘lost & found’ poem; details here from 2010 November PAD Chapbook Challenge

This poem will likely look a lot different when I return with my scissors. I like it, but I don’t and just now I can’t put my finger on the brokenness. I’ll work it out in editing time—if I don’t return to it later. By then, I’ll likely have a title too.

WWP #27: Sustaining Whispers

WWP prompt #27: Write a Healing poem

In my Spirit I hear Your whispers.
They are the memories I cherish
the friends who stand by me
the magnificence in nature around me
and myriad daily random acts of grace.

The voices of my parents
guiding, teaching me
raising me through childhood joys
and times that threatened
to bow my back permanently.
The mother who taught me to read
and read everything I wrote.
The father who defended me and taught
me the psychology of diffusing bullies.

Your whispers I hear in the rustle of
countless flocking cedar waxwings;
the flitting of hummingbirds
to the honeysuckle tree;
the butterflies and bees that
pollinate the flowers in between;
when my four-year-old niece decides
to whisper an important message to me.

I hear Your whispers in my sad hours
letting me know You’ve not
left me alone there.
I know it when I can find
a smile from my soul
in the midst of my abject sorrow.
When I say “Thank you, God!”
and You say, “You’re welcome, Shari!”
in an audible tone.

I cannot misunderstand
what is evidenced throughout my life;
I find my joy alone
and in communion with the world
that is around and moves through me.
And in my times of strife, Your whispers
awaken these graces,
these memories that sustain me,
and whatever is my difficulty I trust
that it too will, in its time,
move on away from me.

© 2010 Shari Lynne Smothers