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A Little More Haiku for You

I was going to pick a new poetry form for February. But, I’ve decided to continue the exploration of Haiku because my month is shortened. Two trips to New Orleans in thirty days, (I’ll be back in Houston on Wednesday), and new website work (for a site I built) mean that I must focus my attentions away from this blog for a short time.

I’m still writing. In fact, I’ve been working on several Haiku verses that I’ll post when I return home. My Haiku exploration was interesting and fun, and quite a pleasure to explore. I do believe I learned a few things. So, with all this in mind, I’ll extend my foray into Haiku instead of starting on a new poetic form.

For now, I just want to share a quick post about the excitement in the city of New Orleans.
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3 Rules to Haiku

  1. 17 syllables
  2. 5-7-5 syllables is a popular American format
  3. A season must be involved

This are the three rules I picked up on while researching Haiku. I started my research as a result of joining the Haiku group at Read Write Poem. The group moderator, Allen Summers, has a great site, With Words, which is a great place to get started writing in the form.

The moderator told me about a book called Baseball Haiku, something I might not otherwise have picked up. I got it from the library and got a lot out of it.

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