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111 Days of Fun

My First Two Blogging Challenges of 2011

I have accepted a few blogging challenges, two so far. The challenges I chose call on me to stretch myself out of my comfort zone—far out of my comfort zone. They are both blogging challenges that compel me to write more regularly, at least twice a week.

My reason in choosing these is to get motivated to post more than I ordinarily do, and more consistently over 16 weeks. More than that, I chose to challenge myself for two of my blogs, (now three). I’m curious to know how long I can sustain this pace, which is why I’ve taken to these challenges so readily. Besides, I want to make these changes in my routine permanent. This is a good starter.

Challenge 1

The shorter challenge is for my work blog, The Word ‘Mage Blog, where I took up with a challenge that started at the beginning of the month. It is for 25 posts to be written through the end of the month. I won’t meet that challenge necessarily but I will keep going with it.

Challenge 2

The longer challenge is for this blog. I only have to post two entries weekly. However, this challenge started, yesterday, 1.11.11 and continues for 111 days. Details are on Writing Spirit Blog.

To participate as a group, @WritingSpirit has set up a Twitter hash mark group, #SHINEonline, where we can tweet our participating posts. I already started my fun times here. I hope you’ll join in the relaxed fun.

I was originally going to stick with the two blogs that I started with. Since then, I’ve decided to extend this second challenge to my other blogs so that I can continue with frequent posting. I’m going to try to keep it to a minimum of 2 each for the balance of the 111 days.

This post is part of my #SHINEonline challenge commitment for 2 posts weekly; 2 of 2 for this week.

Reference posts

The Word ‘Mage Blog
Writing Spirit Blog

NaPoWriMo Kicks off Second Quarter 2010

Today is midway of the month. Only 16 days left to be ready to write a poem daily. And really that’s not so bad. I have done that periodically for a few years now. Often writing two or three poems in a sitting.

The challenge is to whip one into shape to be a decent draft to post. This year will be my first time posting a new poem daily for the entire month of April!

Prompts to go Further

My challenge is increased by having to write to prompts. I had planned to continue writing to prompts through the first quarter of this year. That plan got away from me easily since it was easy to let things get in the way of the work of writing to prompts. My mistake. I should have kept up the practice.

I participated in the November with Poetic Asides PAD chapbook challenge. (The first versions are online in case you dare to look, not the edited ones I submitted.) I succeeded in writing a poem for each day, even if not on that day. The hard part for me was the push to write from daily prompts someone else set for me.

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Participation is a Growth Opportunity

National Poetry Month, 2008, 2009 Unofficial
Poem a Day Chapbook Challenge, November 2009 Official
National Novel Writing Month, 2009 Official

Attractions to Group Projects

Officially and unofficially, I’ve participated in these and other writing projects. They can be really intense. And I was thinking about why I elect to participate. It’s rarely just because I get bored.


  • Pushing myself beyond my suspected limits makes me think I’m not lazy
  • It makes me know that I can reach beyond my comfort zone
  • It affords me the opportunity to be part of a variety of projects
  • It’s exciting both to participate and to complete


  • I learn of many new writers that I might not otherwise find
  • One common interest brings people together to learn about each other
  • Participants share resources that may be new to me
  • Participants may actually become a resource
  • There’s the chance to share something that others may find useful

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