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The Field Trip

One day I brought my nephew
to see the ducks that soothed me
when I was able to break up
my work days with them.
A precocious boy of three or four,
he declared during his energetic effort to
keep up with them, running happily
as the ducks swam deftly, indifferently,
“Is this all, because
this really isn’t that fun.”

I smiled to hear the words
contradicted by his racing back and forth
belting out Oh’s and Look!s
at the slightest indication they were
interacting with him.
He was appreciating my field trip
through his gleeful activity, even though
his words made me know he didn’t yet
recognize the power nature
has to enthrall him.

I had done a good thing after all.

© 2012 Shari Lynne Smothers