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Proceeding to Goals

End of the year necessarily brings thoughts, plans, goals, dreams for the new year. It is so for many, and I, too, get caught up in the fiery frenzy of looking forward. I have good, ambitious plans for the new year, and the drive to work toward them. And, I have a formidable measure of doubt, that I know better than to dismiss. If I’m not careful, that doubt can transform into a bulwark against progress, becoming a veritable guardian of any falling short on my part. I’ve learned that the best fight against this obstacle is to see it for what it is, and keep moving forward.

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This is not the way
I wanted to spend the day,
mostly out of sorts
unable to order my thoughts
into any cohesive manner.

My head’s been spinning
and it seems focusing is lost to me.
Can’t figure out if it’s my head aching
or that I just don’t want
to do what I ought to be doing.

Editing is at the top of my list
but I want to keep writing
and not correcting the words
that came to me only weeks ago.

I’ve reviewed tips and books
on poetry tweaking, and such
should be committed to memory
and applied to the task at hand.
It’s the deadlines that are killing me
I think because I’m ready
to be free of set schedules for a time.

Okay. I just had to
write that out of my system,
relax to get rid of my headache, and remember
how much I like editing.
Time now to do what I know I can.

©2009 Shari Lynne Smothers