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In My Head

I’m driving along
toward my destination
planned days in advance.
Considering what I would
do for lunch the next day
since dinner was squared away.
Bud’s Broiler hasn’t seen me
in a while. I wonder
if they still remember me.

A quick glance at the
gauge, I don’t have to
get gas before the week’s out.

Not that it matters for lunch
Bud’s is across the street.

Suddenly something jarred me
out of my head!
It took moments
to realize
it was fat raindrops
slapping my car
my windshield straight on
making me feel each
of the first ones’ impacts
as I drove into the blinding downpour
as if they were contacting me personally.

It only startled me
because, I realized,
I was almost fully
driving automatically,
out of regular time
in my own world
apart from
tangible externalities.

Though a little unsettling
likely because of the circumstance,
it was a happy observation
to be reminded
I had that place in my head
and could get there any time, anywhere.

©2012 Shari Lynne Smothers