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Public Speaking

A dirty bird twittered
absurd words for any
within earshot.
He broadcast his thoughts
on the maltreatment of the weak
and what could be done to help them.

For at least thirty minutes
he did rant even to
thin air when no one
pretended to listen.

Finally a waitress intruded
and asked who he thought
he was helping.
Mid-grumble he did groan
looking up from his plate
to attend to her query and say
Don’t be absurd; my audience
is me, people only serve
to fuel my frustrations.

© 2014 Shari Lynne Smothers
Three Word Wednesday 5/14/14 absurd, groan, weak

Funny People

A quick word was said
to update the minority in charge
in answer to the question:
How do we move forward
after all that has gone wrong?

The word was NO.
No one wants to help you move forward.
No one likes the agenda you’ve laid out for us.
No one wants you around when we succeed.

The minority didn’t react
for they didn’t receive
how unwelcome they are,
how contemptible they are found.

I just had to smile;
the fifty percent of presence
involving how you are perceived
is utterly untapped as the importance
is lost on them.

I had to smile,
and walk away
before I started to chortle.

© 2014 Shari Lynne Smothers