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Smells like Home

I remember fragrance.
He liked subtle colognes.
Different ones,
each complemented
what was uniquely him.
It was the smell
of church Sunday morning.
The smell I breathed in
when he helped me inside
after I fell off my bicycle.

And the smell of him
when he returned home
from a business trip.
He had hugs
and kisses all around.
And conversations for mom.
They exchanged
home updates and trip recaps
while my brothers and I
rummaged through
the designated suitcase for souvenirs.
I got T-shirts neatly packed.

I put them in my shirt drawer
so it smelled of
dad, security, home.

Interestingly now,
some odd days
a look in my neatly folded
t-shirt drawer
catches me up in a whirlwind
that blows in the memories
that trigger the familiar,
missed scent that was my dad’s
and I’m home wherever I land.

© 2010 Shari Lynne Smothers

This poem is for the napowrimo prompt #16, what’s that smell Visit the post to see the details of this prompt.

The Country, Movies, Daddy and Me

I hardly remember
what the houses looked like
in Greensburg, Louisiana
where my daddy was raised.

In our brief visits
when my brothers and I
were children,
I got to experience
life very different
with cousins I didn’t know
who became friends fast,
as we usually only had the day.

They showed me where
to tiptoe close in
to yellow jacket nests
in the tall grass
just so we could run
when they swarmed.
I passed time
checking out the cows and bulls,
wondering how an old rickety fence
was actually enough
to corral the beasts.

I remember running backwards
with my daddy and his cousins
across a front yard
maybe belonging my great-grandparents’.
It seemed to last forever,
extending further
the harder I wished
to finally reach the porch.
Once I got there
no strength left
I sat waiting for lemonade
all out of breath
and still rooting for my daddy
who raced his cousins again.

Coming from the city
seemed old and rustic out there.
It was thrilling!
I was inside one of those
cowboy movies
I used to watch
back at home in New Orleans.

No particular movies
come to mind
only the sense that I loved
watching them
and eating salted tomatoes,
just my daddy and me.

©2009 by Shari Lynne Smothers