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Shut Up In My Bones

Embers smoldering
steadily, quiet
seemingly under control,
ever present
never a time without.

Today, gentle winds
from west, south
north, east and middling angles
fan embers to flame.
Today I am not still,
almost of control
not my own.

Today I die to my
Self burned away as
fire shut up in my bones
flames free
igniting change.

I am tasked only
to keep up and away
from waters that
threaten to subdue
shy of a
metamorphosis complete.

Life has a way of informing
when change is at hand.

© 2012 Shari Lynne Smothers


Back Story: Several things have worked on my nerves lately, captured my interest forcing me to contemplate things I had heretofore ignored peacefully. As I think things through and work it out in my journal, these ideas and images coalesced into the words above.