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My Imagination

Venturing out
   to the area before the fringe
I catch glimpses
   of the freedom and frenzy there.

I stall in appreciative thought
   about the beauty I see
contemplating what could meld
   ugly and harsh with warm and attractive.

Because, bitter, endearing, pain, peace
   are all present out there.
Then it came to me that the
   understanding key is authenticity.

All things presented without agenda
   swirling and being out there
on the fringe of conscious thought.
   It’s the only explanation I can capture.
So, on that assumption I drift out there
   to catch any treasures I might.

All I think now is about
   my next venture out
to the area of my thoughts
   where dreams reside and where
no matter the shape they take
   I’m free and fearless to explore them.

©2009 by Shari Lynne Smothers