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She’s Coming, The Muse

Time passes.
Nothing do I write.
Awaiting the unmarked
re-starting point
to vomit verses
that simply must
issue forth
no matter the cost
or company.

I feel it coming on.
I’m pulling
away from
all the people things
that deluge me

Making certain
I carve moments
to record;
Making certain I have
the pens and papers
to complement
my advancing machinations.

Nesting for me
is making ready
for the steady
stream of random
lines stanzas spaces
pressing forth to exit me
by way of
my willing fingers.

© 2012 Shari Lynne Smothers


All the world is
far removed from me
much as I
want to touch it.
Vicariously only
can I engage just now,
from my hovel
through my window
into cyberspace.
I see what people
want to show
of the lives they lead.
Who’s killing, loving,
having a
Chernobyl meltdown;
mentally challenged brothers
get the book
thrown at them
while great villains,
not so much.
Political strife,
economic difficulty
moral bankruptcy
foreign governments
posture to save face.

Short of everything
and still properly sated,
I return
to myself disconnected
as the muck of the world
sloughs off me
settles to the floor
where I can sift through
to find
my poetical fodder.

© 2011 Shari Lynne Smothers

3 Rules to Haiku

  1. 17 syllables
  2. 5-7-5 syllables is a popular American format
  3. A season must be involved

This are the three rules I picked up on while researching Haiku. I started my research as a result of joining the Haiku group at Read Write Poem. The group moderator, Allen Summers, has a great site, With Words, which is a great place to get started writing in the form.

The moderator told me about a book called Baseball Haiku, something I might not otherwise have picked up. I got it from the library and got a lot out of it.

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