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I can’t Say

3WW words for today: gesture, immediate, treasure. This poem just popped into my head from a true life experience with a less-that-patient, overburdened waiter.

I know that gesture.
You want to pressure
me for my immediate

Prod as you will.
But I’m likely still
even at my age
to give an answer
to accommodate,
only to have to
come back to you
to change it.

It’s not that I treasure having
this thing you want most hastily.
Truly I can’t decide
if I want
the ranch or blue cheese dressing.

© 2010 Shari Lynne Smothers

Small Moments

Mom and her granddaughter talking3 Word Wednesday: Abrupt, Kernel, Wield
In the photo: my mom and my youngest niece, when she was very new. I’m sure they were discussing big plans.

Babies wield
a magical power
to abruptly, gently
captivate us
in the small moments.

A sudden, small smile
beneath knowing, new eyes
expressing more
than a kernel of insight
of ages
not theirs, that
they get you.

I sit mesmerized for
long moments after
the scene’s played out.
And humbled
beyond measure
when I catch one
in a picture.

© 2010 Shari Lynne Smothers

Disturbed Sleep

3 Word Wednesday: Fragile Rampant Tremor

Thoughts occurred to me
then wouldn’t leave me.
Shaking me,
quaking deeply
before steadying to
a nauseating tremor,
at three in the morning.

my rampant paranoia
over things I can’t control
at an hour
it’s wholly unnatural
to be awake at.

Abruptly as it comes
Fear leaves me
staring, wide-eyed
trying to peace together
the fragile broken
sleep that was mined
for rest, not thinking.