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TWW: A Wreck

Joy is present from time to time.
Elation another matter;
it’s scarce I find.
Sadness and grief
yet another story.
At the opposite end
of my emotions spectrum
they keep me company,
unwelcome as it is
more frequently than anything.
So adamant are they
to see me not lonely
until I frustrate myself.
Rage comes in and oddly
seems the only thing
to adequately pacify my grief
and stanch my burning tears.

© 2016 by Shari Lynne Smothers

3WW Poem for Week 476 I know I should get off the grieving truths over the loss of my mother. But, really, it’s such fertile fodder for tilling my emotions to unearth the morose verse. I’ll let it keep me until it’s spent, and I hope I’ll know when that is.


After the fact I often look back
through a massive waive of anxiety;
did I ruin anything, was there someone
crucial forgotten.
Added to my strain is the sense
I’m stressing all alone on behalf
of all. I wake at four a.m.
an hour too early, to fix what
turns out to be right already.
And then comes that sinking feeling
that before I woke
I was out in a Dingey with no one
around to save me.
On closer inspection after thoughts
come clearer, it may have been a pool
I was in; large Olympic-sized one maybe.

Still the lesson learned:
I’m safer than I knew, did better than I feared,
it’s okay to trust my best efforts
and allow myself much needed restful sleep.

Three Word Wednesday 5/21/14 massive, ruin, strain

Public Speaking

A dirty bird twittered
absurd words for any
within earshot.
He broadcast his thoughts
on the maltreatment of the weak
and what could be done to help them.

For at least thirty minutes
he did rant even to
thin air when no one
pretended to listen.

Finally a waitress intruded
and asked who he thought
he was helping.
Mid-grumble he did groan
looking up from his plate
to attend to her query and say
Don’t be absurd; my audience
is me, people only serve
to fuel my frustrations.

© 2014 Shari Lynne Smothers
Three Word Wednesday 5/14/14 absurd, groan, weak

No Point

The issue on the table
all labored to eschew,
generated a moral concern;
one that burned the hue
of golden red-brown-orange.

Proponents and opponents alike
couldn’t find it in themselves even
to approach agreement.
Finally, each faction backed away from the table
vowing from behind clenched teeth
beneath lying eyes
to return the morrow to discuss things anew.

That promise they made despite knowing
what had come clear to all –
there was no point in talking
with no salvation in sight for
their errant sisters and brothers.

© 2014 Shari Lynne Smothers
Three Word Wednesday burn, hue, moral


I think I know this emotion
with it’s resonating touch
warming me, nauseating me,
making me giddy.
I falter dizzy, gleefully —

I think it’s love.

© 2012 Shari Lynne Smothers

Prompt: Three Word Wednesday’s words – emotion, falter, touch

Back story: It’s been a while, but since my goal is to return to me and the stuff I love, I stopped by Three Word Wednesday (only a day late). Today’s words planted themselves quickly and grew into this little diddy. I forgot how much fun it is to play. Hope you like it.

One Coin

Quiet pursuit of alone time
is continual in the crush and hurry
that is my life —
of necessity.
Covetous am I of even minuscule moments
presenting with nothing and no one
needing me.

Still, deviant to my solitary nature
an innocuous act with trivial impact
of connecting on social media
catapults me into being
now — forever —
part of something crowded,
much bigger than me
even in only my own company.

And in a not-quite-ironic way, I find I like that.

© 2012 Shari Lynne Smothers

Prompt: from 3 Word Wednesday’s words – deviant, minuscule, trivial