I wanted a place to publish my poems online. That was the impetus for starting this blog. Poems tell stories, detailed stories of our lives in colors, scents, locations and feelings. I’ve used poems as my vehicle to explore and explain my life to myself, and share with others. Other creative expressions are indulged here as I get chance to explore them.

Please, explore my verses and leave a note if you’re so inclined. I’m always interested in hearing from readers.

So welcome and enjoy!

From time to time, I participate in poetry activities that afford me opportunities to share with other writers. Learning from and sharing with other poets is quite a growth experience. Hopefully that will translate into me offering you better and better stuff to read.

What’s in this Section

You will find poems all over the site. Some were written in connection with contests or group writing projects. Most were written and shared just because. If you want to see some of the connections of the pieces, check out the pages linked here:

  1. 2009 November PAD Chapbook Challenge
  2. 2010 November PAD Chapbook Challenge
  3. National Poetry Month 2008-09
  4. National Poetry Month 2010

More, Please

If you have a project you think I might be interested in, please leave a comment letting me know what you’ve discovered or started. Or you can send me an email to sharils[at]slstellingstories.com

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