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Code Help: Sharing made Easy

A while back, someone asked me how to post a link to their post without showing the “http://…” text. The code is a simple one to use and most comment areas accept this. Here it is if you want to try it:

<a href=“”>Your Post Tittle Goes Here</a>

Sometimes broken links are easy enough to decipher and fix once you get them into the address bar. However, this takes out the guesswork.
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More Tools to Track Your Writing Progress

In good time for next month’s activities, Jennifer Mattern has released two excellent and versatile progress trackers.

If you need to track words, pages, poems (my other endeavor in November), these are customizable enough to let you post the color and the titles you wish to use.

The other meters I found are over at The Word ‘Mage Blog, my work blog site. Check them all out and see which works best for you. Novel writing word count and the poem count, my giant emoticon counting character; what more could I want?

Whether you call them progress meters or word count trackers,  take advantage of these tools and you’ll covered for November and beyond. Have fun getting ready!