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National Poetry Month 2012

I am participating in 2012 National Poetry Month, [NaPoWriMo], albeit sporadically thus far. I’m spending my free time catching up this weekend. And hope to stay on top of things for the rest of the month.

It’s interesting, I’ve been writing the whole time, reading around and even leaving a comment here or there. Posting however, is giving me a bit of a challenge this year.

Work gets All My Attention

It likely has to do with my schedule. I have a very intense workload in my office. It keeps my focus because I really enjoy what I do. The drawback is that I don’t even have time to think about the prompts and the poems that come to me.

Sometimes for lunch, I’ll scribble down what I get but that is rare. And, even when I do get something, it takes much revising after I get home.

Volunteering takes Time

Then there is the time I spend away from home after work. I have meetings at my church for committees and for Bible Studies.

At home, I work for my church, keeping their web presence up to date.

I give my attention to these things because they make me happy, but they’re not all that I need to do.

Returning to Poetry

Writing poems is probably the most fun I have throughout my days. Not continuously but continually, ideas pop into my head, situations are turned sideways to reveal their rhythms. I capture them on paper when I’m really lucky. But many times I’m just grateful to glimpse them as they pass fleetingly across my mind.

So in the month April I endeavor to put this lifeline, this pure delight, back into the forefront of things. In being true to myself, I will complete this month on time, even if I have to play catch-up on the weekends.

All this I say to let you know that I am not out of the game. It still burns in me to complete the month. So, come back from time to time, and always know you’re welcome to leave me a message.

If you’re writing, post your link in the comments and I will visit your writing too. And if you want to read more poetry written in the month, check out Poetic Asides whose prompts I write to, and which is a collection of participating websites, (their links are in my sidebar).

Happy poeming and Happy Easter!



Day 3: My Apology

Dear Shari:
Please accept my
sincere apology.
Try as I might
I can’t seem to
cut him off

all the ugly
hurtful things
pissed me off for a while.
Still, I wasn’t able
to catapult myself from that
through disgust
to I totally can’t stand him now.

With humility, I confess
is the only thing my
heart understands
to do to him.

Regretfully yours,

©2012 Shari Lynne Smothers

Day 3 poem, an apology or non-apology for April PAD Challenge with Robert Lee Brewer.

DAY 2: Serial Visitor

One morning
he came, stayed
and was pure bliss.
Forever shone in his
bronzed countenance.
Nighttime came,
he left me

Once gone it
seemed only an instant
he was here with me.
Yet I measure
the strained passage
of time in meter,
rises and falls
of torrential emotions;
arguments skipped with
silence driving and cementing
the greatest wedge.

This new morning,
however many years hence
I wear hard-fought wisdom
fashioned from efforts
of trying to sustain
what wasn’t meant
with this
way wrong man.

This morning, I’m grateful he’s left me.

©2012 Shari Lynne Smothers

A Visitor Poem for Day 2 of the 2012 April PAD Challenge with Robert Lee Brewer

Day 1: Hear and Obey

I hear clearly today
the truths only whispered
in years past. So quiet were they
until dismissing was all I did.

Now I’m informed by
the unfamiliar ache
seeming to be born
of nothing more than
morning waking;
the extended time needed
to heal from hurts that
once would be gone
before they made
any real impact.

Today I understand
I am older
and so gladly, if slowly
do act accordingly.

© 2012 Shari Lynne Smothers

A communication poem for April 1, with the April PAD with Robert Lee Brewer