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One of the most important aspects of blogging is community. Community is cultivated by writing what people are interested in, and hearing their responses in comment. I’m always happy when people take the time to write to me of their thoughts and ideas.

Recently, certain comments I’ve received have sparked me to share something of a policy. I want the few people who don’t see their comments to understand why not. And, I invite you to email me if you still have questions.

I expect with this information being spelled out, I’ll still be approving most of my comments. I want to hear from every one and to share the comments and connections. I operate from the premise that we all understand what is unacceptable behavior. Still, we all make mistakes. With that in mind, I’ll explain how things work here.

What I will Do

I publish comments related to the post content. Just remember to be respectful of others, and me.

I may edit out offensive parts if your comment is otherwise beneficial to the conversation. I’ll never edit a lot, since I prefer to delete a comment than to completely change the expression of the commenter. Civilized disagreement is acceptable. Some of the things I might edit:

  • swearing, depending on amount and usage
  • bashing other comments
  • meanness

Comments with links, within reason (my call), will be approved so long as it’s related to the conversation.

What I won’t Do

I won’t release a comment in which you trash my blog setup. The complaint came from a person who really didn’t like my use of the READ MORE option. You can email me for those kinds of criticisms.

I won’t release a comment that advertises your business. If you’re looking for a backhanded endorsement, this is not where you’ll find it. You can email me with something for me to review.

This is a very broad policy because, as I wrote above, I believe that most of us know the difference between right and wrong. If you have a doubt and your gut is not clearly pulling for or against your comment, give it a shot. It’s probably a fine comment. Or you can email me. This page is mined with my email address. Click one or you can copy it here,, and plug it into your email.

Kindest regards,


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