Daily Archives: 20 April 2016

TWW: A Wreck

Joy is present from time to time.
Elation another matter;
it’s scarce I find.
Sadness and grief
yet another story.
At the opposite end
of my emotions spectrum
they keep me company,
unwelcome as it is
more frequently than anything.
So adamant are they
to see me not lonely
until I frustrate myself.
Rage comes in and oddly
seems the only thing
to adequately pacify my grief
and stanch my burning tears.

© 2016 by Shari Lynne Smothers

3WW Poem for Week 476 I know I should get off the grieving truths over the loss of my mother. But, really, it’s such fertile fodder for tilling my emotions to unearth the morose verse. I’ll let it keep me until it’s spent, and I hope I’ll know when that is.

Random Acts of Grieving

What makes the ache show up?
Today for instance,
I’m just going along working
playing, busy with whatever’s before me.
And out of nowhere
my breath catches
stomach knots.
The tingle at the back of my nose
is the last indicator
before tears and snot start to flow
in almost the same instant.
Suddenly I’ve got to stop what I’m doing.
I am dissolved
into a weeping rag to be wrung
of all my hurt.
And I can only hope
it runs its course
quickly as it came upon me.
Because, as surely as I do not know
from whence it did come,
neither do I know when it will release me
back to normalcy.
And while I’m pondering,
I have to wonder when will it
happen again?

© 2016 by Shari Lynne Smothers

Poem #10 for National Poetry Month. This came out of a spell that hit me today, quite literally out of nowhere. And I had to marvel at the randomness of it in the midst of the busy work day I was having.