Daily Archives: 13 April 2016

Mixed Media High

I’m seeing in my mind
colors I didn’t know had names
until I came to this place where hues
beg me to bring them together.
My hands tingle as I work a heavy medium
through a stencil
to raise something magical.
Collaged paper pieces, stamped words
and images I get to paint over
as I see fit.
My mind seeks colors
and just saying them makes me smile—
and salivate a little bit.

Picking colors, alizarin crimson, dioxizine purple,
quinacridone nickel azo gold, or cobalt teal and turquoise.
How to add them: watercolor, acrylics, crayons
or pencils. Gesso, butterfly stamps, text printed or pasted.

My eyes may tear some and my heartbeat quickens
and I’ll notice my breath is catching
letting in and out only half as often as normal.
All this as I paint with
brush, sponge, gift card, fingers
to no particular outcome,
only through freedom.

It’s not each time I sit before my art table
that things are so painfully exquisite.
Only when I sit with deliberate action
making space and time in my mind,
full permission, free to experience
expressing what roils within.
Only then
can I touch the sacred Spirit in me
that dances in color and form, gleefully pleased
I’ve chosen to be released into it
and that Art into me.

© 2016 by Shari Lynne Smothers

Poem #3 for National Poetry Month. I was on a roll. But there was a glitch in WordPress when I updated the version. It removed my tools for formatting, previewing and such. I had to spend my lunch figuring out how to put it back instead of revising my post. Turns out, the end of the day, there were more changes than I expected. And I had to wait until I was satisfied…now I’m done. I hope you like or get it.

Note: If you’re  interested in seeing some of my art, that I’m passionate about making, please visit my art blog, Shari’s Art Journal, and FB page, Shari’s Art Project.