Daily Archives: 12 April 2016

Waste Not

If I were to tell you there’s no tomorrow
Would you think me ill?
If I were to tell you, your time here ends today with
your last night’s sleep
Would you get angry with me?
If I told you this all ends with your next breath
Would you catch and hold that breath in belief?

Truly, I know you answered no to every one
of these questions.
Because by far, it is much easier to take for granted
that tomorrow is coming to you
than it is to understand or grasp
the eminence of your end
and even less, that it could all end

But if you could comprehend the 50/50 truth
of every moment of every day of your life,
Would you live differently? How?

© 2016 by Shari Lynne Smothers

This is going to be a weird count because I’m starting so late. But here it is. This is #2 for the month of April, National Poetry Month. I’ll get to thirty eventually.