Daily Archives: 11 April 2016

Grace Question

Permission said He.
No said she.
How can you decline
what I grant thee?

I know my worth
and it is not this
in the grand and small scheme of things.

Silent, He pondered,
seemingly reaching for
the words to bring home
His point.

Still you don’t accept
my rejection of
this grace according to
my present value?

Of course your No I’ll take;
Free Will gives you a say.
My confusion is this:
Not once in the delivery,
my giving of grace
did I ever bring up
the matter of your worth.

© 2016 Shari Smothers

I wrote this earlier this year, but I decided that it would be a great post for this month. I’m late getting started, because I remembered and then I forgot. Such is my year, as I break in this new Self.

National Poetry Month

My Late Start is Right on Time for Me

If you didn’t know, April is National Poetry Month. My life is such that I forgot again, for the second year in a row. Or, I should day, I remembered late again. But I’m back on track — mostly.

I won’t find any of my old poetry groups to join this year. I’m not back to that level yet. But I will post until the end of the month, a poem daily. It will be easy, when I compare it with all the crazy art things I’ve gotten into these days, with art and life.

Things are pretty heavy for me personally, right now. And this poetry will help me to write through some things that are bogging me down in my brain. Hopefully, (I’m smiling now), I will come out the other side with a clearer perspective of what should be my next move in life.

My first poem will be posted later today. It’s from earlier this year but not posted anywhere. I read it in church.

Come see me soon!