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I found this new site. Well, new to me, not new altogether. But I was excited by the find and wanted to share it.

The website is The Chamber! The home page had an informative welcome message:

Welcome to the Chamber. An archive of fan fiction and original stories featuring women of color.

How did I end up Here?

Way back in April of this year, (three months ago), during some insomniac nights, I came across the fictional couples from “One Life to Live” [OLTL] on YouTube. I learned of:

  1. Cristian and Layla
  2. John and Evangeline
  3. Cristian and Evangeline
  4. Todd and Evangeline

They were great, flawed, funny couples and friends. Quickly, John and Evangeline became my favorite. But, I was drawn into each of them and others for different reasons. Still, several things got me down about these OLTL scenarios.

  1. The inflexibility and inability of the show’s owners to go with things that work well
  2. The crappy demise of John’s fitful relationship with Evangeline
  3. The dogmatic intent to pair John and Natalie, easily the most banal, trite liaison on the show
  4. Screwing with Todd and Evangeline’s friendship instead of nurturing it
  5. The overarching use of African American characters as little more than transient tools

These are only my opinions informed by my personal interests and predilections. It occurred to me that OLTL isn’t wrong; I just don’t like the way the soap opera ran so many of it’s relationships into the ground—case in point, the Bo and Nora connection they kept getting wrong.

Notwithstanding that the John and Evangeline couple was built well (to Michael Malone’s credit), I wanted their ending to go differently. Or for them to not end at all. For me, that meant things in the good times might need to change to affect a different end.

So I started to work out scenarios I would use if I were writing this couple’s life. The Chamber came up during my search for insights into these characters, (on the off chance that OLTL would share details I wanted to know). Lucky me!

Hooked on the Site

It’s nice to find people doing what I wanted to do. They are rewriting stories or adding to them however they were creatively led. It’s a social site that’s a repository of contributed stories built around characters from TV, movies, and books, as well as completely original fiction. And, you don’t have to join to read the stories.

I saw what other people thought about the relationships and the pairings through their story lines (called ‘fan fiction’). I even found a story that put Evangeline with Jason, that’s One Life to Live and General Hospital.

One Story I Liked

One story I found included much of the sentiment I have for John and Evangeline and other characters in the show. At just over 30,000 words, it’s the length of a novella. And once I started, I couldn’t stop. I finished it Sunday night. The story I read is Promises by “destinysdiva” (pen-name).

Check out The Chamber if you enjoy this kind of fiction. I’m very much looking forward to reading more. Heck! I may even join and contribute—one day.


Heed the warnings. This site is not a porn promo site. There are no explicit nude pictures allowed. However, there is room for explicit sexual content and expletives in the stories posted. And, these guys are great enough to provide readers with a popup warning if you’re about to view a story that contains this kind of content.

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