All the world is
far removed from me
much as I
want to touch it.
Vicariously only
can I engage just now,
from my hovel
through my window
into cyberspace.
I see what people
want to show
of the lives they lead.
Who’s killing, loving,
having a
Chernobyl meltdown;
mentally challenged brothers
get the book
thrown at them
while great villains,
not so much.
Political strife,
economic difficulty
moral bankruptcy
foreign governments
posture to save face.

Short of everything
and still properly sated,
I return
to myself disconnected
as the muck of the world
sloughs off me
settles to the floor
where I can sift through
to find
my poetical fodder.

© 2011 Shari Lynne Smothers

About Shari Smothers

Welcome to Telling Stories, my creative writing space. My name is Shari Smothers. Poems help me to understand the world and to explain my world to others. They're my premier story telling tools. There's more to come, so please share with me through reading, commenting, emailing. Learn more about Shari here. And do come again!

6 thoughts on “Informed

  1. Great poem! I completely relate to it. As much as we don’t like so much of what goes on in the world it does give us fodder with which to write. Beautifully expressed here… 

  2. Nice, Shari! I really like the ending and its shifting through “poetical fodder.” Hopefully, you’ll find the fertile soil to produce more great poetry! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Just saw your post from She writes.. wonderful poem..loved the way it flows and the theme can be related so much 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing that you can relate. It’s nice to know I am connecting. And I’m glad you liked the poem.

  5. Hi Ami! I’m glad you like it, and thanks for the good wish for “fertile soil” to sift. I appreciate the encouragement.

  6. Hi Divya! I’m glad you like the poem. And thanks so much for visiting my blog. I look forward to reading your writing, too, at She Writes and Open Spaces.

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