Morning sun enters
softly insisting I wake;
“Nightmare’s over—breathe.”

©2011 Shari Lynne Smothers
#5 for National Poetry Month Today’s poem, a Haiku, to share in the magic of National Poetry Month. Always a silver lining, bad dreams are yet another reason to appreciate waking up. I’ll have to see about catching up before I get too far behind.

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Welcome to Telling Stories, my creative writing space. My name is Shari Smothers. Poems help me to understand the world and to explain my world to others. They're my premier story telling tools. There's more to come, so please share with me through reading, commenting, emailing. Learn more about Shari here. And do come again!

4 thoughts on “Rescued

  1. I get the feeling that this was derived from a jolting dream; a nightmare. I liked this; involving yet in haiku form which had to have made it more difficult. Good job!

  2. Hi, Tre. It was longer. Deciding on a Haiku form was an intriguing challenge. I’m glad you liked it. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

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