Up the water spout
went the itsy bitsy spider
searching out a drop
to end its drought.

Down came the rain
overdoing the thing.
But the tiny spider
only rode down
a wave, didn’t try
to catch on to anything;
in the crazy
ride to the bottom.

She made it in
empty handed,
with only
a grin for what
was to come:
The challenge to
again try her skill
at Water Spout Scaling.

© 2011 Shari Lynne Smothers

#4 for National Poetry Month

About Shari Smothers

Welcome to Telling Stories, my creative writing space. My name is Shari Smothers. Poems help me to understand the world and to explain my world to others. They're my premier story telling tools. There's more to come, so please share with me through reading, commenting, emailing. Learn more about Shari here. And do come again!

2 thoughts on “Optimism

  1. A twist on the Itsy, Bitsy Spider and it was definitely worth the read. I could see the action taking place in each line. Definitely a sound version of an old nursery rhyme.

  2. What can I say? Nursery rhymes, fables and songs run around in the background of my mind and occasionally come out to play. I appreciate your comment.

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