Sunday Morning Chronicle Entry 2.13.2011

It’s not About Me, Is It?

This morning I went out
to get Saturday’s mail
and I saw again the brown dove,
the bird on the balcony.
Today though he perched
at the end furthest from me.

Since I have not eyes
trained for bird differences,
I had to wonder if it was
the bird on the balcony.
Or a new one sent with
the same message for me.

Either way, here we were.
And as I made my way
toward it, toward the stairs
to my mailbox, in the crisp morning air

I thought about the time of year
the beauty in the fabric of the day
how Punxsutawney Phil’s failure to see
his shadow was likely on the money.

I got my mail—another bill
and turned ‘round toward the stairs
for my short, thoughtful journey back,
all the while trying to decide
what was the bird on the balcony’s
message to me.

Or, if it was just a bird on the balcony
who had no message—no knowledge of me.

© 2011 Shari Lynne Smothers

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