Day 18: Lost & Found Poem

You are so lovely in spirit
in appearance and deed.
Is it any wonder I lost myself
in your loving countenance?

My thoughts become iterations
of your insights I ingested
just being in your presence.
No need and no knowledge
have I of where you end and
I really begin.

It never dawned fully in me
that this was the wrong way to be.
Nothing stirred above a low hum
that you and I could be a more rounded we,
that embracing our individuality
would bring a closer, fuller, us.

As time went by we spent less time
being inseparable at home and out.
I learned to be without you and to
hear my own opinions and inclinations.

My interesting discovery upon
receiving my Self in full intelligence
was that I brought much more to us
as a complete me with my own
insights, reflections and choices.

I’ve found, it seems, the more delightful we
that rejoices and revels in a collection
of thoughts instead of a collective mind
that endeavors to move sluggishly forward in
the unnatural cadence of two inclompletes
laboring to move as one.

© 2010 Shari Lynne Smothers

Day 18 prompt: Write a ‘lost & found’ poem; details here from 2010 November PAD Chapbook Challenge

This poem will likely look a lot different when I return with my scissors. I like it, but I don’t and just now I can’t put my finger on the brokenness. I’ll work it out in editing time—if I don’t return to it later. By then, I’ll likely have a title too.

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