NaNoWriMo 2010

Hello and welcome to my 2010 NaNoWriMo endeavor. That’s National Novel Writing Month. And here is where I’m laying out my plan and logging my journey through the month of November.

I’m reactivating my meter because I really enjoyed him last time I participated.

NaNoWriMo Progress Meter

This meter comes from, where writers can find useful stuff to distract and entertain themselves, keeping the writing fires burning.

As always, I need to write 1666.67 words daily to reach the finish line. It proved to be more of a challenge than I expected, as is evident by the fact that I never finished.

Last time, I tried telling people to get them to leave me to my own devices. It didn’t help. This time, I’ll just write and not say anything. If my regular writing time isn’t feasible, I’ll take whatever time I can get, focusing on the goal of 2,000 words daily (I prefer the roundness of “2000”).

With this plan, the first week is critical. So, I’ll make particular effort to stay on track through 11.7, (my birthday by the way). Making this milestone will be a nice gift from me to me.

Come back and check out my log posts I’ll be posting here, and tell me what’s up with you.

  1. Fun, Frenzied Writing Time, 10.31.2010 – November activities are here.
  2. NaNoWriMo: I didn’t Do it Again, 11.29.2010 – No more pressing myself, I’m released.

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