Opening Day

Cold sharp talon
scrapes along my arm
from limp wrist to elbow,
to startle me easily in my fog.

I’m on the fringe of ecstatic joy
the music signifies the movie’s start.
Creatures and kids, monsters and houses
finally are come to life
ejected from my favorite tome
to the big screen.

Seems like forever the tales
did massage my imagination
into overdrive.
So I know exactly what
to expect on opening day.

The scary monster, a stringless marionette,
is created from today’s technology,
it performs action without lever or bolt
moving only in cyberspace.

And then there’s the flaming torch that
with a flap from barely fluttering curtains,
burns the whole house down.
I can hardly wait to see that in action.

Problem is it’s all in my head.
I’m sitting home in my recovery bed,
miffed and waiting to feel better
nursing fever, chills, a sore throat,
and everything tasting like chimney soot,
feeling like I need a walker;
all while EVERYONE’s at
opening day without me.

© 2010 Shari Lynne Smothers

This poem is for the napowrimo prompt #9, your mission. Visit the post to see the details of this prompt. The words I chose are: flap, chimney, fringe, lever, limp, marionette, startle, stow, talon, tome, torch, walker

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