National Poetry Month 2010 is Finally Here!

Today begins the challenge to write a poem a day, to the prompts from Read Write Poem. This morning’s prompt offers an interesting challenge. And this is one reason I enjoy writing to prompts from others: they take me in directions I may not have considered.

If you have no plans for NaPoWriMo, visit the links in my sidebar for NaPoWriMo 2010 activities. Visit Read Write Poem to see all that’s going on! There’s likely to be something that interests you. And the posts are very well connected so you can get the full breadth of what’s up for grabs, without missing a beat.

I’m signed up and ready to go! I got my first poem in my email today. And I believe I may even have a theme to write to for this month as well. I’d been toying with the idea. And I think Pamela Villars may have pushed me over to the side of a thematic effort.

Good luck to us all! Remember to enjoy the effort! I’ll be reading the poems posted as time permits. I look forward to reading yours too. And I hope to hear from you along in the month.

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Welcome to Telling Stories, my creative writing space. My name is Shari Smothers. Poems help me to understand the world and to explain my world to others. They're my premier story telling tools. There's more to come, so please share with me through reading, commenting, emailing. Learn more about Shari here. And do come again!

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