NaPoWriMo Kicks off Second Quarter 2010

Today is midway of the month. Only 16 days left to be ready to write a poem daily. And really that’s not so bad. I have done that periodically for a few years now. Often writing two or three poems in a sitting.

The challenge is to whip one into shape to be a decent draft to post. This year will be my first time posting a new poem daily for the entire month of April!

Prompts to go Further

My challenge is increased by having to write to prompts. I had planned to continue writing to prompts through the first quarter of this year. That plan got away from me easily since it was easy to let things get in the way of the work of writing to prompts. My mistake. I should have kept up the practice.

I participated in the November with Poetic Asides PAD chapbook challenge. (The first versions are online in case you dare to look, not the edited ones I submitted.) I succeeded in writing a poem for each day, even if not on that day. The hard part for me was the push to write from daily prompts someone else set for me.

You don’t have to look it up—I didn’t win. Still it was a lot of fun. The hard part was also the fun part because prompts can take you to some interesting places when you’re open to it.

The Muse must Answer the Invitation

Through the end of March, my goal is to continue to post a poem daily. And, I’ll practice some writing to prompts, drawing from the Poetic Asides (last prompt Wednesday Poetry Prompt 083), and Read Write Poem weekly prompts (currently on prompt #118). These sites are worth reviewing as there’s always a lot going on.

Writing to prompts adds a little pressure for me, but it’s worth it in the long and short of things. It’s always good to be able to write on command, practice for getting the Muse to answer when called.

It’s important right now because I’ve decided to write to the Read Write Poems prompts for NaPoWriMo (National Poem Writing Month). I want to see how the RWP community does it. After all, participating in a poetry community is why I joined the site. I saw where they solicit prompt ideas from their members which is interesting. I’ll find out the rest come April 1, 2010.

What are your plans for NaPoWriMo? Tell me about it so I can read your work. If you’re writing on your own and want to be in a place where people might find you, visit to find out how you can get listed. I’m listed there by Shari Lynne Smothers and linked to this blog. Hopefully, I’ll see you around, enjoying the poetics.

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