Writing Lines

HandWritingWhat’s inside the lines
of great love stories?

Never mind the embellishments
to keep people’s attentions;
at the core, in the cracks
between the punctuations
lives the hearts of
writers who lived
what inspired them.

The heart wants
what the heart wants
for reasons
that reason cannot

profoundly states
unreasoned affinity
shared between
ill-suited couples.

I can contribute
a little I think
since I know
a thing or two
about the unrequited
relentlessly enamored

My best line came
when asked
why not hate him
at least
stop loving him.
I had to confess
“I tried; but it’s the only thing
my heart understands
to do to him.”

©2009 Shari Lynne Smothers

Prompt: Write a poem involving lines. This is my poem for Day 14 of the 2009 November PAD Chapbook Challenge.

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