NaNoWriMo: My First Day

This year I’ve gotten a lot more involved with the activities surrounding NaNoWriMo, and it’s helpful. The opportunities to compete and commiserate are encouraging. It’s a solitary job that doesn’t feel like I’m doing it alone.

I’m excited about my first day’s progress! Having written 3,001 words is a good sign. And although the writing still feels foreign, I’m getting more familiar with the characters. They have traits and quirks that are filling out the frames I thought up for each of them. My new character are interesting, too.

While I managed to think of some ideas before today and started in that direction, the characters have places to take me. I’ll follow them for a bit and see how it plays out. Today they took me to a Deli near their office, and I met two office workers that weren’t on my list and one that was in my head. So, two and a half came through, plus some minor characters showed up to round out the personality of my lead character. What an adventure!

Shortly, I’ll post my poem for today. I looked for a prompt but didn’t see one. So, I’ll just post random poems like usual, increased to one a day, of course.

Tomorrow, work will intrude on my writing, and other life stuff that I must allow. To keep up with the demands of these writing projects, I’ll sacrifice daily updates on my progress. So, watch my progress meters in the sidebar to see my progress. For those of you who are participating, enjoy!

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